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INDIAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH STUDIES - Volume 4 Issue 1, January 2022

Pages: 111-130

Date of Publication: 31-Jan-2022

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A Comparative Study Between General and Critical Ward Nurses on Quality of Work Life, Professional Quality of Life and Coping Strategies

Author: Smt. Piyali Roy, Dr. Swaha Bhattacharya

Category: Health Studies


The aim of the present study is to find out the quality of work life, professional quality of life and coping strategies of nurses in general and critical ward. A group of 60 nurses (30 from general ward and 30 from critical ward) were selected as sample in this investigation. General Information Schedule, Brook’s Quality of Work Life Scale, Professional Quality of Life Scale and Coping Strategy Indicator were used as tools. The findings of Independent‘t’ revealed that quality of work life as expressed by nurses engaged in general ward is better than that of the other group. On the contrary, reverse picture was observed in case of professional quality of life. Besides this, coping strategy related to social support, problem solving and avoidance do not differ significantly between the nurses engaged in general and critical ward. Findings of the present work may help the nurses engaged in critical ward by providing continuing education programs on coping, relaxation, communication skills, sparing time for self and setting professional boundaries.

Keywords: quality of work life, professional quality of life, coping strategy, nurses engaged in general and critical ward.

DOI: 10.56490/IJHS.2022.4106