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INDIAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH STUDIES - Volume 3 Issue 2, July 2021

Pages: 24-34

Date of Publication: 31-Jul-2021

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Infertlity: It’s Impact on Physical, Psychological and Social Health

Author: Dr. Kaninika Panda

Category: Health Studies


Infertility is a global health problem affecting millions of individuals. The cause of infertility may lie with either partner or both may be responsible for it. As parenthood remains an important goal for both men and women, the stress of not having a child has got tremendous impact on the mental status of both partners. Being a social taboo, the couple have to face the social stigma of infertility. The high cost and uncertainty of treatment outcome, has also got a financial concern. Though an emerging issue, infertility still remains as a neglected public health issue. Along with specific treatment, it needs an integrated holistic approach for the management.

Keywords: Infertility, psychology, social health

DOI: 10.56490/IJHS.2021.3202