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INDIAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH STUDIES - Volume 2 Issue 2, July 2020

Pages: 91-106

Date of Publication: 31-Jul-2020

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Evolution of the Construct of Resilience: Challenges in Measuremen

Author: Aarthi Rajendran

Category: Health Studies


Resilience as a concept was understood as ‘not being vulnerable to life adversities’ or ‘performance amidst disadvantages. Resilience as a construct had undergone changes with different waves of research. From being defined as an innate ‘trait’ to being recognised as a multifactorial functional process, the construct has undergone mutation. The outcome of being the subject of research for more than four decades now, the characteristics of resilience can be crystallised to being dynamic, multidimensional, multifactorial, and multilevel. This posed a challenge to arriving at a holistic measurement of the construct. This article attempts to chronicle the efforts at measuring the construct and identifying the gaps in the existing resilience tools. The article in conclusion, highlightsthe Synergy Model of Resilience in evolving a holistic approach to measure resilience.It also describes the Resilience Test Battery (REST Battery) that successfully tested the Synergy model by measuring resilience as a multidimensional construct.

Keywords: resilience, measurement, synergy model of resilience, and resilience test battery

DOI: 10.56490/IJHS.2020.2206