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      <JournalTitle>Indian Journal of Health Studies</JournalTitle>
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      <Abstract>Mood disorders like Depression, Bipolar disorders are some of the chronic mental health conditions. Depression is characterised by feelings of hoplessness, worthlessness and helplessness for a period of atleast two weeks. Bipolar disorder is the mental condition characterized by unpredictable episodes of mania (excitement, irritability, aggressiveness) and depression (lethargic, inactivity, fatigue). Growing up with a parent suffering from a mood disorder is a challenge since the moods of the parent are unpredictable and it can adversely affect the psychological wellbeing and overall development of the offspring. The objective of the study is to understand the life experiences of the offspring living with parents suffering from mood disorders, their ability to cope with the situations, and being kind and compassionate to oneself and to their parents and be able to forgive the adverse events and hurt they experience. A narrative method was used where four participants who are the offspring of mood disorder patients were selected by purposive sampling. They attended a semi-structured interview with their responses been recorded and analysed using thematic analysis. Twelve themes were extracted from the data collected: 1. Struggles of mood disorder patients, 2. Characteristics of Mood disorders - Bipolar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, 3. Relationship with the parent, 4. Perceived Social Support and Family Support, 5. Self-Perception, 6. Negative Experiences and coping, 7. Values and Challenges in Life, 8. Forgiveness 9. Responsibility towards Parent, 10. Empathy 11. Karma and 12.Gratitude. This research paper extensively discusses the identified themes during the process of research and elaborates on the experiences of the offspring whose parents suffer from mood disorders. The paper also suggests future directions for further research in the area and its limitations and recommendations have also been discussed.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>Life experiences,offspring,mood disorder patients,coping,compassion,forgiveness</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://journalofhealthstudies.in/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=14770&amp;title=LIFE EXPERIENCES OF OFFSPRING OF MOOD DISORDER PATIENTS: A QUALITATIVE STUDY</Abstract>